SSO with ADFS missing Claim Rules

I’m attempting to setup SSO via ADFS. The org is set up and I’ve downloaded the metadata and created the Relying Party Trust, but there’s no information on what I should use in the claim rules - email address -> username or username didn’t work.

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Did you figure this out? Running into same issue.

Yes I got it working with ADFS. I did the following:

  • Claim Rules:
    LDAP Attributes:
    • Email as Name ID (LDAP Attributes)
    • Email as ADFS 1.x Email Address (LDAP Attributes)

ADFS 1.x E-Mail address - Transform Claim:
* Incoming claim type: ADFS 1.x E-Mail address
* Outgoing claim type: Name ID
* Outgoing nameID Format: email
* Passthrough all claim types: selected

URL to trigger SSO login:
You must use the org you setup with the “root” login URL:
* Option 1 - Direct URL with ORG name
* Option 2 - Go to SnapLogic login page, click on “Log in via SSO”, type your Org name in the box and log in.