Support for '.tar.gz' compression

We have a requirement to deliver 6-files in single .tar.gz file -> club 6-files into TAR and then gZIP them

How can this be achieved in SnapLogic? Does zip read/write helps?

Yes, it can as stated in the documentation of FileZip Write

if Base directory is testFolder and the input view label is test.csv, the file name for the first binary input stream in that input view will be testFolder/test.csv, and the second, testFolder/test_2.csv, and the third, testFolder/test_3.csv, and so on.

All you need to do is to feed 6 binary to the 6 input view to the FieZip Write.

Looks like some gap here I got the below response from SL support.

Here is a pipeline what allows you to execute command as if you are on the terminal.

It is possible if you have a groundplex and have access to a NFS mount. You could achieve what you need with the following steps:

  1. Write those 6 files locally
  2. Execute command to tar gz
  3. Read the tar.gz file
  4. Write to your destination
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