/ view after validation

I am starting out with SnapLogic and am exploring the Script snap

The script snap allows writing to a log (eg.“WIBBLE”):wink:

I have found I can view this output via the Dashboard after script has been executed but I want to be able to view the output as I develop after validation whilst remaining in the Designer, but I cant work out where in the Designer I view/do this.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple…!


Hi @andrew_wait

I’m not that familiar with the Script snap, but believe its logger binds to the underlying Java platform logger. If SnapLogic is running on a Groundplex, meaning you manage it, then you will be able to access this log. However, I don’t believe this is easily accessible if we manage it (ie, is a Cloudplex) other that what you are already doing. I don’t think you’ll be able to see this in the designer.

If snaplogic was running on a on-premise Groundplex, you could tail this log and see new script log entries as you validate.

$ tail -f /opt/snaplogic/run/log/jcc.json

    "ts": "2021-11-29T18:33:29.629Z",
    "lvl": "INFO",
    "fi": "<eval>:32",
    "msg": "Executing Transform Script.",
    "snlb": "Script",

Thanks for the response, even if it wasnt what I was hoping… instrumenting a script with log output for dev/debugging and having to run it and then go to the dashboard to get the logs from the status and then rinse and repeat is… clunky

Suggestion: as it’s browser based write to the browser console so output is available in the browser dev tools console