Trying to integrate with zendesk

Hello Team,
Im building a pipeline which integrates to zendesk and does a search and brings in case fields. When Im trying to do that, Im unable to bring the solved date field from zendesk. Do you know what Im missing here? here is the GET query which Im using:>2016-07-17%20type%3Aticket%20"

In the mapper snap, I dont see the solved field in the input schema. Can you help?

I can’t speak regarding zendesk specifically, but if the limited validation data set doesn’t contain a record that has the field available, then the field will not show in the input schema. During development, you may need to temporarily tweak your zendesk query to ensure solved records are included in the validation data so it can be included in the input schema. Otherwise, if you know the field name spelling/casing , you can type it in yourself; however, you won’t likely get a good validation test in that scenario.

Thanks Del!