UI Features Request


Thought of keeping few enhancement requests, which might need community support.

  1. Ability to disable/enable Tasks from Asset Search Results/at least from Project Spaces.
  2. Ability to keep the formatting(spacing, new lines) in expressions – expression format editor
  3. Applying different themes for different Orgs
  4. Customizing the Paging Size(No Of Results) in Dashboard per User.
  5. Display End Time for Pipeline History
  6. Inline editing of files (json, text, expr)
  1. Remove animation from ‘Zoom to Fit’ feature - I just want it to instantly fit to the page, the special effects are a waste of time.

Edit: Then again, I can see how some people might like to keep track of where they were looking to get an idea of its place in the big picture. Maybe offer an alternative mode to instantly fit to the page using a shift+click, similar to the ‘force reset’ alternative mode on the validation button.