Ultra task not responding in Postman

Hi all,

I am new to the snaplogic community. I am working with an ultra tasks tutorial “Creating and Managing Ultra Task” from snaplogic’s learning path. The feed master is set up on the cloud and I have successfully created the pipeline and ultra task however when I attempt to run the HTTP Endpoint url in postman, i get an error “Could not get any response”.

The tutorial states that the IP address generated in the HTTP Endpoint must be swapped out for the hostname but an IP has not generated for me rather the name of the feed master on the cloud and the port is generated example: https://pb22sl-fmsv-fg34567.fedtt5.snaplogic.net:8084/api/1/rest/feed-master/queue/

Shouldn’t this have work? What am I missing?

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated

Much Thanks


Please check are you triggering LoadBalance URL from the postman?


I am not sure what you are referring to. I am using the Ultra run policy for the task. The Cloud snaplex has been setup and managed by snaplogic. Therefore access to view or edit the Load Balancer url or any other properties in relation to the could plex is denied.

screenshot of postman error

Cloud details

Can you please approach Support or TAM to get the load balance URL, It means will have an entry in Ultra load balancer box. which will allow you to trigger from external client.

Thank you for the assistance will do