Unable to retrieve average duration of pipeline executions from Ultra task

I have ultra task triggered by a pipeline that executes all of the time. I want to get the average “duration” of pipeline executions from the dashboard executions for the past 7 days (1 week duration), but when I try to do that from the Rest Get I get random around 50 entries only for few days (besides having more than 500 - 600 executions of the pipeline per week). Is this the case because this is an ultra task, because when I try this with triggered and scheduled tasks I can actually get the average duration of pipeline executions?
I have tried stopping the instance and invoking them again using REST Post Snap, however this was unsuccessful.

Below are shown my pipelines.

Random 50 might just be because you’re previewing in the designer. What if you actually run it?

Also, stats could very well be different for ultra pipelines, since they are always running and processing documents fed to them by the feedmaster nodes - where triggered pipelines are individually executed for each execution.

Have you taken a look at the “Additional Information” dialog for your Feed-Master nodes in the Dashboard? Inside of that dialog, there is a listing of the active Ultra tasks and there is an “Execution Time” value which is the average time to handle the last 1,000 requests.

Are you trying to get the average time of the execution that is a child of the ultra execution? Currently, only the last 100 child executions are stored, so you won’t be able to look back that far.

Yes I am trying to get the average time of the execution that is a child of the ultra execution. From the dashboard you can see I have nested pipelines under the ultra. What I am trying is to get that “duration” time and calculate its average.