Unique Constraint Issue in Oracle while inserting Data

In this Scenario, I have to insert data onto an Oracle DB. Before that one I’m performing a Left Outer join and separating the data (for Update and Insert) by using router. In Insert snap I have to insert all the data ,before that one Need to check whether the data is matching with Target table / not . If yes ignore those records if not then perform insert . This was the whole logic .
I have to take data columns from mapper and check the columns with oracle target table if data is already exists/not. But, Unfortunately It was troughing errors.

INSERT INTO Schema.tablename (DEST,FROM_D,INSRT_BY,INSRT_DT,LVL,TO_D,UPDT_DT) VALUES (‘“+$DEST+”’,‘“+$FROM_D+”’,‘“+$INSRT_BY+”’,‘“+$INSRT_DT+”’,‘“+$LVL+”’,‘“+$TO_D+”’,‘“+$UPDT_DT+”’) WHERE (DEST<>‘“+$DEST +”’ AND LVL<>‘“+$LVL +”’)

Where condition columns are Primary Keys to the table.
‘“+$DEST+”’,‘“+$FROM_D+”’,‘“+$INSRT_BY+”’,‘“+$INSRT_DT+”’,‘“+$LVL+”’,‘“+$TO_D+”’,‘“+$UPDT_DT+”’ ---- Mapper columns/Data

I think Experts will find a best solution for this issue.
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Please help on this issue.

@sshaik, I don’t have an Oracle DB with which I can test this suggestion, so consider it with that disclaimer; but I think what you may need to do is modify your WHERE query to be a NOT EXISTS subquery.

Something similar too:


Thanks for the reply.
The WHERE condition why I wrote like that means I can’t read the data from any table . It’s a combination of 2 tables data then have to perform Change capture (update,delete,insert). So, is there any option to resolve this issue?

Not able to read/fetch those mapper columns in the DB snap that’s the issue here.

What I want is how to write the query without selecting data from DB , by using WHERE clause we have to do .

Solved this scenario in a different way.
Insert handled by using inner join.
For Update
Here I have to update 2 columns($status, $ID) based on 6 key columns matching data.
So, I have read the target table as reference table($col_Ref) and regular/new data as left side data and performing an inner join based on 6 key columns.
There I found the matching data.
I put 1 filter to sort $status=“Active”
I just mapped 2 ($status hardcoded as “INACTIVE” I have to update the $status column if $stat=“Active”, $ID taken from filter ) columns which I want to update in the Target Table.

Finally in Oracle Update snap mentioned Schema and table name.
In where clause $Status=“Active”.

This was one of the ways that I found for resolving this issue.

If we have any other ways to handle this, then it could be helpful.