Unpivoting a variable number of columns (date columns)

Was following @ptaylor’s excellent article on Medium on Transforming and Visualizing COVID-19 Data and was trying to do something similar using, coincidentally, COVID-19 data from a different source, and got a bit stuck. I got to the point where you create the attached array to the document, but then it wasn’t clear to me how you merge the array data back into the rest of the record. The goal is to unpivot the dates into rows rather than columns (while keeping the rest of the columns that were supplied: CountyFIPS, CountyName, StateFIPS and State).

GK Covid Pipeline Test_2020_07_14.slp (10.5 KB)

My test pipeline is attached for reference. I think I’m close, just need a little help.

Thank you for the kind words.

If I understand what you’re asking, try using Include Paths in the JSON Splitter, or check “Include scalar parents” to get everything.