Unzip and read the file

My input file is zipped. Inside the zip file, there are 3 fixed width file. I have to unzip the file and read each file(one at a time) and load into table. The input file will be in S3. Can someone advise to handle this scenario

Earlier when there was only one input file, i was able to successfully unzip and load the file. But this is not working when there are multiple files. Below snaps i have used when there is only one pipeline and it worked successfully.

Directory Browser -->S3 File Reader–>Decompress–>Transcoder–>Fixed Width Parser–> Mapper–> Target

It sounds like you’re looking for the ZipFile Read snap and not Decompress.

i think you are right. I did a sample test and it is moving through each file. I will develop further and keep you posted.

Thanks for your quick response. It helps.