Upload to sftp snap

I need to begin uploading files to an sftp site. I assume I must set up the account somehow in file writer. Can you advise on how to do that? I have looked at the doc but i dont know what the words mean. i have a site and a password–sometimes i will have a port number. Where does that go?

Hi @heidi.andrew,

In order to use SFTP with provided credentials you have to create a Basic Auth Account [https://docs-snaplogic.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/1438138/Basic+Auth+Account].

And in the File Writer you have to specify the SFTP as prefix in the File Name.

E.g. sftp://{host}/{directory}/

Let me know if this helps you.


Working on it. Is there a setting for the port? or is that necessary?

I have used sftp but I haven’t come along in such a case where I had to specify the port.

How can i tell that i was able to reach the site but maybe not log in? can i test the connection and get the errors sent by the site?

Unsupported protocol or URL syntax error in SFTP://ftp2.blah.com/Home/2641/TEST.TXT