Uploading Photo using Microsoft Graph API

I am trying to upload photo on O365 using Graph API. As per this document, I have to upload file as binary attachment and using Postman, I am able to update the photo.
But in SnapLogic Rest Patch Snap, it is not working as intended. I have photo stored in SnapLogic project space as .jpeg file.

Please let me know how can I use binary file with Rest Patch Snap.

@bjadav Unfortunately this is a gap for us with the REST PATCH and PUT Snaps.

The REST POST Snap can do this with a HTTP Header Content-Type: image/jpeg, The “Single file upload: File” setting referencing your SLDB File, an “Upload transfer request type” value of Calculate content length and finally the “Upload body type” set to Binary.

However, as the endpoint in question only accepts PUT and PATCH methods to change user photos, the POST Snap can’t be used here.

I’ll investigate what it will take us to broaden this support to the other Snaps.