Using Fiddler to inspect Snaplogic Requests

Hi All,

We are currently facing an issue when invoking a soap request to one of our product endpoints. unfortunately we are unable to determine exactly what this issue may be however we are able to send (what we think to be the same payload) via soap ui and receive a 200 response.

in order to investigate this further we would like to inspect the packets being sent using a tool such as fiddler. we have configured fiddler to work as a proxy and intercept all traffic which we can see coming out of the groundplex box however it does not appear to capture the traffic for snaplogic. we have also tried configure the proxy for snaplogic (both on the global properties file and the snaplex node proxy) however neither of these changes appears to have filtered traffic into the fiddler application.

Just wondering if anyone else has achieved this and what steps they may have followed.

Many thanks,