Using Public API I am not able to get the statistics of the child pipeline

I have a pipeline which is a master pipeline that results into invoking the child pipelines using the Pipeline Execute snap.
The child pipeline executions can be more than 500, in which case I am not able to get the pipeline statistics which is old i.e. not from the latest 100 executions.

I have verified pipeline execute snap documentation, there it is mentioned as it has the limitation for inspection in dashboard. Does it applies to public API as well i.e. when we invoke the using the public I am getting the below error:


"query_string": "level=detail",

"path": "/api/1/rest/public/runtime/RojoCustomer1/5bbb0bc644ecb400284686e6_539bd01a-265e-47fb-b585-3d6a0e7b919d",

"response_map": {

    "error_list": [


            "message": "Runtime pipeline id 5bbb0bc644ecb400284686e6_539bd01a-265e-47fb-b585-3d6a0e7b919d not found"




"http_status": "",

"http_status_code": 404


Is there any API using which I can get the data.

Yes, the platform itself is only keeping the last 100 invocations.

Thank you Craig for your quick clarification.