Using Record/Replay snaps with Ultra pipelines

How do I get Record/Replay snaps to work with Ultra pipelines correctly? I have a basic pipeline that with a Record/Replay snap at the head, and an Ultra task running on the pipeline:

The Dashboard view indicates that the pipeline is up and running and the Record/Replay snap is receiving documents correctly?

However, as the first screenshot illustrates, when I try to validate the pipeline, the Record/Replay snap gives an error. The documentation (here suggests:

“This Snap records the input documents from Triggered or Ultra Task requests and replays them in Designer so that you can work with real preview data. When developing a new triggered or Ultra pipeline, you should create a pipeline with this Snap at the head, create the task, and send a sample request to the task to be recorded. Note that for an Ultra Task, you should disable the task so that the recording can be saved. Now that there is a recording saved, you can continue to develop your pipeline with real data.”

It’s unclear to me how the a document can be sent to a disabled Ultra task, such that the recording would be saved? Can someone clarify what I can do to get the Record/Replay pipeline to work correctly?



Sorry, it’s a bit awkward. The Snap will save input documents as they are received and then write them to a file when the pipeline finishes. So, you need to start up the ultra task, send a few requests so that they are recorded by the snap, and then disable the task so that the documents can be saved to the file. Now that the file has been written, validations should be able to read it and produce data. Once you get a good amount of saved documents, you can put the snap in ‘Replay-Only’ mode so that the next time you enable the ultra task, the already saved documents are not overwritten.