Using "sftp -i [private key location] username"

A vendor is having us retrieve their info using this SFTP method:

sftp -i /path/to/private/key

Any thought how to do this in SnapLogic? Do I need to do it as a script?

Also I have a passcode that i will need to use?




Hi @robert_parks,

You should be able to do that using Binary snaps and SSH Auth account.

I’m not given the specific path to connect too. How do I set up the path?

This is different than any other SFTP I’ve used.

I’m not sure if understand your question correctly. Without the specific path, it will be connect to the given user’s home directory.

You will have to set up an SSH Auth account with the username, private key and passphrase. Then use a Binary snap with that account to connect to the server, for example Directory Browser or File Reader where you provide the directory/file path in the snap settings.

You were correct – I was able to use the standard SSH Authorization Account. My issue was that I was including the file server location in the user name.
Once I removed that – all was good.

Thanks for your direction on this.