Using SnapLogic to send mass email

Can we use the SnapLogic to send out mass email?

Thank you

I don’t know if anyone has tried it, but I’d be curious to see it as well.
Everything I send via the Email Snap Pack is either to an individual or internal-only list of users.

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Our Email Snap Pack isn’t a good choice for that. I would recommend using a product designed for mass emails, like Marketo. We have an integration with Marketo under development.

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Is there a place I can post as a Wish List for this feature? I would love to see a snap that is able to use SMTP of our choice and sending out mass email according to the data from File Reader snap.

There is an Enhancements Requests category where items can be discussed, but the best way to submit a feature is through your Customer Success Manager. I’ll this along to him.

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I think my last response needs some clarification. Our Email Sender snap is capable of sending mass emails. See the snap’s documentation. However, its functionality is quite minimal compared to a full-featured email campaign management system like Marketo, which supports things that everyone expects in 2020 like an automated way to unsubscribe from any further mass emails by clicking a link in the email message. There’s more to mass emails beyond just an ability to send them.