Using SQL Server Stored Procedure Snap with Parameters

Using the execute snap to call a stored proc seems to be working.

Using the actual SQL Stored procedure snap does not. It doesn’t error. But it doesn’t run either. Ideas?


First, change the Snap Execution to Validate and Execute. Then retry the validate.

If you run into an error with the parameters, try removing the single quotes from the FM_ORACLE11_JTF parm. You do not need to quote string values in the parameter field with the expression button toggled off.

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Thanks for the idea. It still isn’t executing. It shows GREEN after I run, but the log files in SQL are not showing that it executes.



It still sounds to me like the Snap execution option is incorrectly set:

That may not be the case here, but it brings up this thought for anyone that hasn’t experienced it yet:

When you change the Snap Execution to Validate & Execute, on a snap that defaults to Execute, then you later use the right-click context menu to disable the snap, then later the same menu to enable the snap, the snap reverts back to its default setting of Execute instead of the Validate & Execute setting you last saved. So, each time this occurs, you have to edit the snap once more to get back to the Validate & Execute setting.