Using the JWT Snap Pack?

Besides the ones in the general snap documentation, does anyone have examples using JWT?

I have an internal application that wants to use JWT auth for a RESP API they want me to call, but the JWT snaps seem more related to generating and validating tokens as if SnapLogic was an authentication server, not so much if I want to call a REST API using JWT. I probably just do not understand…

To invoke a REST API that is expecting a JWT Token, you would usually just pass the JWT token in the Authorization header (“Bearer <JWT Token>”). You can use a REST Snap to make the HTTP Request, and set the Authorization Header in that Snap.

Thanks. So the JWT Snap Pack is really more about being a server that generates/accepts JWT tokens, not really about being a client using as JWT token, right?

It doesn’t strictly have to be as a server.

For e.g. if a user wants to build a pipeline that accepts a JWT token generated by a non-SnapLogic service (for e.g. Box), the user could use the JWT Validate snap.

As long as the JWT Account is configured correctly, the JWT Validate snap can decode the token and make the token data available to downstream snaps. The downstream snaps can do custom processing based on this information.