Validation ignores the field in JSON path if the field is null

Hello, We are using snaplogic to extract data from Workday student module to data warehouse, our pipeline is based out custom reports in Workday ( RAAS ) as REST Get. When snaplogic validates initially, it ignores fields if the field value is null, for example snaplogic validates first 50 records if a field in those 50 records is null, it’s not shown up in the JSON path. Since the field is not showing up, we are not able to map the field to target. When we execute the pipeline, the execution failing after processing few records indicating the field is not mapping ( field with null value during validation), say the field has null value for first 50 records, if there is value from 51th record or so, the pipeline beings the field into JSON path and failing. Is there way or settings in the pipeline to show all the fields from RAAS irrespective of the fields has value or not during validation.

If you click on the gear icon at the top right of the page (user settings) you can choose a different number of preview records. The default is 50, that is usually enough, but you can choose up to 2000

It works ok for when set to 2000 now. I am finding difficulties to get an individual value from the object buts returns as object. Am I doing anything wrong ?

My expectation is return one value of Academic_level per academic_Record_wid

Hi @pmuthusamy,

If all Academic_levels in Student_course_regi… are same inside the list, you can get only the first element.
You just need to replace [*] with [0] inside the expression from above image.


Thanks Viktor, This worked but my object is nested one, object within object, producing not right result.

I want to flatten the JSON into rows.