Weird pipeline execution issue

I have an issue with the SnapLogic interface where I and only I cannot execute a pipeline after loading. I always have to edit a Snap, save it, verify it and then I can execute the pipeline.
Others on my team don’t have this issue and I"m not sure how else to describe it.
I’ve tried a bunch of settings options for Autosave etc but nothing seems to fix it.

Is it any pipeline or a particular one?
What browser are you using?
Do you get and error or is the execution button just unresponsive?

Appears to be particular Pipelines.

No errors just the buttons are not lit up.

If you go to another pipeline tab, then come back does it resolve the issue?

No it does not.

Which browser and what version of it are you currently using?

Chrome Latest version

I also tested in Edge Browser and Firefox …

Same issue

You may want to contact Support to get an official investigation into this.