What do you use the global shared folder for?


We are relatively new and trying to figure out our approach for structuring project spaces and projects. One question that came up is what to do with the global shared folder. Is it generally acceptable to put generic pipelines, accounts, schemas, etc. in it?

For instance, say I created a pipeline that will get AR invoices from our ERP. The thought is that multiple systems could use that across business domains. Is it acceptable to put that in the global shared folder or should we have it in the shared folder under the Accounts Receivable project space? The same question goes for accounts and files. It seems like it would definitely be a great place for generic expression library files.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Will,
We don’t use the shared folder because anyone can modify anything in it. We have a separate project space called “common” with a subfolder called “runtime” and give everyone read/execute rights to that folder.
It is easier to use the shared folder because you can select from it when using the dropdown, rather than specifying “…/…/common/runtime/GetInvoices” by hand. FYI - there’s currently a bug if you have your user setting to “new form” when using a pipeline execute snap to reference a pipeline in another project where it won’t display the path. If you change your user preferences to shut that off, the path will appear.

Shared folders are good for snaplexes. I wouldn’t put pipelines in there if you have novice users because anybody can make changes to any pipeline, and the pipeline will be permanently updated for everyone.

I wish they would allow a read-only access to shared folders.
Hope this helps!

  • Judy

This is very helpful. Thank you for the insight!