What is the azure protocol wasb and wasbs port used

I want to know what port used in the wasb/wasbs protocol?

wasb:///snaplogic/testDir/sampl/csv (to write ‘sample.csv’ file into the ‘testDir’ folder in the ‘Snaplogic’ container)

What is the port used under the hood?

Why does wasb protocol only use blob container and it does not need the host?
The host is account-name.blob.core.windows.net.
Under the hood, you “hard code” it in somewhere?
Very strange?

The host is dynamic prefixing “Account Name” from Account associated to the File Writer snap. As for port it should be 80 or 443 depends on if you are doing wasb or wasbs

e.g. * Blob storage: http:// [Account Name] .blob.core.windows.net

You did not answer my question. the the associated account has “account name” and the url (wasb:///snaplogic/testDir/sampl/csv ) has the “container name”.
For the part “.blob.core.windows.net”, where do you keep? hard coded?

In case NYC azure us gov cloud, the url is “blob.core.usgovcloudapi.net”. What to do with this case?

I don’t believe snapLogic current support Azure US Gov Cloud. You likely need to file an enhancement request with support. Yes, the domain portion is partially hardcoded with “account name”.

I see snaplogic have this config
jcc.jvm_options = -DDEFAULT_URL_PATTERN=..core.windows.net.
for azure cloud.

If i change it to the following. is it going to work?
jcc.jvm_options = -DDEFAULT_URL_PATTERN="..core.windows.net.,.core.usgovcloudapi.net"


Hi [aleung), any updated on my last question?

I don’t have an azure env myself that I can try. It does seem a reasonable experiment, and easy to give it a try. If all things failed, filed a support case would be your best bet.