When a new account won't save

I’ll preface this with the fact that I am very new to using Snaplogic.
I created a new Account yesterday in our Staging environment under the Manager > Project Spaces > Shared folder and verified it in the list of Accounts yesterday. Today, the Account no longer exists and I am unable to create a new one. I can go through the steps of adding the keys and validating it, but after clicking Apply I get a message that the Save was unsuccessful.

I’ve been able to successfully create the account today in UAT and view its existence in the Account Name list, so it seems the issue is only on our Stage environment.

Has anyone experienced this before? What kind of troubleshooting steps can I take?

Thanks in advance!

To help troubleshoot, in Manager:

  • click on Asset Search, then filter to Accounts, and try to find it there. Maybe you accidentally saved it to a different project.
  • click on Activity Log, then filter by Assets. Scroll to see if you can find the Account (or download the results and do a search in the resulting CSV file.

I can see a record in the Recycle Bin that I deleted with the wrong credentials. But,even after permanently deleting them, I still can’t create another account.

You should probably contact Support to have someone assist you.