Workday Account Create Issue

I am trying to create a workday account and encountering the following error

“Failed to Validate account: Cannot Parse WSDL Clause: unable to find valid certification path to requested target (Reason: unable to find valid certification path to requested target; Resolution: Please file a defect against the snap)”

I followed instructions from other community topics on workday account creation, but i am not able to get past the error
Following screenshots has details of the connection values used

I would appreciate any help in getting past this issue.

Thank you,

Your Host value looks incorrect. The Workday API has a slightly different host value than the UI. It should probably be something like “

I actually tried with host as and faced the same error.
I was not allowed to post more than one screenshot for a first time post

I see. I re-read the error and have a different idea. Workday updated their SSL certificate chain around March 25 which caused Workday pipelines to fail with similar errors. We had to install the new Workday cert chains to our snaplexes. I recommend contacting SnapLogic support to assist you in determining if this is your issue and how to resolve.

I have created a Snaplogic support ticket to determine if we have an SSL certificate issue. Will update this post once I hear back and try any options suggested.

The SSL certificate reinstall solved the issue. Thanks @del for the assist!