Workday Rest APIs and arrays


So I’m working to try and create a pipeline that retrieves all of the alternate IDs from Workday, modifies some, and reloads them using the Workday API’s.

The workday API requires xml structure, and there’s a section that has id type / value, that needs to be its own instances. So I was able to manually create this structure by adding code like 'workdaystructure[0].type= ‘ID’ workdaystructure[0].value = ‘555’ and increase the array for each additional id. But I don’t know how many IDs exist in Workday for a person (one could have 2 another 5 for instance), so I’d like to pull all the existing ID, modify some, and maybe add a couple others and upload them without using the bracket notation.

Any thoughts / Ideas?

Have you tried workdaystructure.length?