Workday to Oracle and BambooHR of Employee Information

Created by @asharifian

This pattern provides an HRIS integration from Workday to Oracle and BambooHR. Oracle will store employee information in a database table for analytics purposes. BambooHR is an HRIS system that will store employee information for human resources and onboarding. The source is the Human_Resources service, Get_Workers object in Workday.


You can get a free trial of BambooHR and test out their API’s. API is relatively easy to configure.

Sources: Workday Get_Workers
Targets: Database Table for Oracle, Employees for BambooHR
Snaps used: Workday Read, Mapper, Copy, Oracle - Insert, JSON Splitter, REST Post


Workday to Oracle-BambooHR.slp (13.2 KB)