Write file to US-ASCII file format

Hello Experts ,
I’m trying to write file in US-ASCII file format.

i have used mapper–>binary copy–>transcoder–>file writer snap.

Mapper has input string and binary output. Binary copy snap to make copy of result of mapper.
transcoder snap with setting UTF-8 to US-ANSCII format and then file writer snap to write file.

But transcoder fails with error saying “Failed to transcode from UTF-8 to US-ASCII, reason=The character set in the input data may not be UTF-8,”


above pipeline is getting triggered from parent pipeline which pass input string to this pipeline.

Any suggestion what wrong i’m doing over here?


Hi Ajay,

Can you please explain how your Mapper is configured? It’s very unusual to have binary output for a Mapper.

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What sort of file are you trying to write? A JSON file?

@ptaylor thank you for reply, trying to write plain string to file in ascii format. used mapper with binary output view to avoid additional snap to convert document to binary.

Ok. And you’ve set up the Mapper to map a string from the input document to the special field content, like this?

Why do you need the Transcoder? The ASCII character set is extremely limited (only 128 characters) so if there are characters in the input that can’t be transcoded to ASCII that would be why you’re seeing that error. (The error message is confusing.)