Writing files to on-premise servers

I am trying to write a file that gets created in a pipeline to one of our on-premise servers (i.e. sftp://ourschool:22/directory/filename.txt) and am getting the following error message:
Unable to create filesystem object for sftp://ourschool:22/directory/filename.txt, Reason: Failed to get SFTP session connected
Has anyone had any luck with this. I am trying to login with Basic Auth (username and password).

Is this issue consistent? What’s the version of the binary snap pack you’re using?

Yes, it is consistent. I’m not sure what the version is as I am relatively new to this and am not sure where I would look for this information.

The version can be found on the Info tab.


Another perspective to consider is a valid network path. Are you using a Groundplex on the same network or with a route to the network with the SFTP server? Or is the SFTP server publicly available, and if so, is it protected by a whitelist?