Writing multiple data in a single excel file sheet

Hi, Good day,

I have got a requirement to append the data in an excel as the incoming data is coming from various sources. Since the append operation is not allowed, I would like to know if is there any way of loading the data in different sheet names in the same excel file.?


Hi @Harsha3 ,

I think that the Excel Multi Sheet Formatter can help you with this.

input0 and input1 are data from different sources.

Let me know if this helps you.



Hi @Harsha3,

Solution provided by @marjan.karafiloski should work, it has worked for me previously. Please test it out at your end, you can also rename the sheet names, make it more dynamic including the current date as well.

For example, sampleSheet_Date.now(), remember to select the “=” decorator for customizing the name dynamically based on date.


Thanks so much, may I know how to read excel with multiple sheet names without passing the value as a parameter i.,e wanted to read the data in all the sheets in excel at once without being passed as a parameter each time.