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SnapLogic integration with Github

New Contributor

Has any one has done integrating Github with SnapLogic ? we started working on this and kind of need some clarifications

1) Should the project space name be same as Github repository name for a successful integration between SnapLogic and github repository ? 

2) If #1 is true can we rename the project space in SnapLogic so we can match it with Github repo name. This is because currently in our production environment the project space name is ‘projects’ which probably is a default name .As it is too generic so we will have to rename our project space to something more meaningful  .

Please clarify


Contributor II

Hi @syallayi,

the first point you can choose how to call them in github normally and just integrate with them. I  use a repository for each project space. For me in small orgs I use branches for projects and repositories for project spaces.

As for point 2) you could create a new project space with the right name and move or copy everything to there and integrate it with github





Hi Jens

Do you have any sample pipelines that integrate with Github (probably through a REST API) to pull slp files from a Github branch and import them into a SnapLogic org. I'm assuming we could use a metadata write snap to do this. Any samples you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Alex