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Resolved! JSON response without []

Hello,I need to construct a JSON response to validate a webhook for Adobe Sign.The required response is { "xAdobeSignClientId": "BGBQIIE7H253K6" }However by default I get [{ "xAdobeSignClientId": "BGBQIIE7H253K6" }] which is rejected.Is there a way t...

mongley by New Contributor II
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Dynamic range of dates for REST

My current pipeline works with pipeline parameters defining the range of datesHowever my goal is to automatize this for each month. My idea is to schedule a task for the first of every month and I would like to dynamically set date2 as Today minus on...

rpc1235x_0-1695413731305.png rpc1235x_1-1695413943268.png
rpc1235x by New Contributor
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Filtering out an Array

Hello Experts, I have input coming in as below:[{"soap:Body": {"@xmlns:soap": "","ns1:searchResponse": {"@xmlns:ns1": "","recordmap": {"record": [{"field": [{"key": "T_FILE_DAT.FILE_TYP...

INAPP Purchases

Hello Everyone,So I've been trying to fetch (GET) in-app purchases from Apple Store Connect APIs, however I'm not sure how and what kind of account I should create. I need to dynamically generate a JWT (token) that stays 20 minutes with the following...

Python Script Advice

Hi Team,we have a python script which works outside Snaplogic as expected.  We would like to use same code in Snaplogic.can anyone suggest how can we use same code and achieve our use case.pleasei suggest other that the Script snap if any.Thank you 

AnilD by New Contributor
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Import Python modules in Script Snap

I'm building a pipeline that uses a Python Script file stored in SLDB. Lets call it I need to import modules from another Script file stored in the same place as this at all possible using the Script snap? I've searched ...