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Split not working...

I was able to Remove duplicates. Now I need to convert to this structure..... I tried split and its not working...Below is what I want to accomplish:{"productFamily": ["030000-S1","073722-CD","073724-CD","073726-CD","HLF-S940-SMA"]}

aakumar by New Contributor III
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HTTP Request 504 time out

Using http request snap to run a pipeline using its snaplex task URL & bearer token.But receiving "response 504 - Gateway Time-out from the endpoint" in the http client snap after 1 minute. the pipeline being called using this HTTP request snap takes...


Resolved! Filter Array data

Hi all, below is the input data...[{"items": [{"itemsFromPS": {"tradeItems": [{"in": "003500","code": "CINC"},{"in": "003622-B","code": "CINC"},{"in": "003626","code": "CINC"},{"in": "003700","code": "CINC"},{"in": "009600-GRAD-R-5","code": "IRL"},{"...

aakumar by New Contributor III
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Date.parse() & Daylight Saving Time

Likely a basic javascript question but trying to understand how to handle in a single mapper. I receive a date from a vendor file in UTC time but not UTC format. Expression below works fine except during daylight saving time where you will receive Na...

snapg by New Contributor
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