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Joining two files without a common value

I want to join two files based on a field of file 1 containing the value of a field in file 2. What would be the best way to do this? e.g. File 1: $district_name='ABC School District". File 2: $district: ‘ABC’. So if $district_name.contains($distr...

SnapWizard by New Contributor III
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ServiceNow Query snap Performance

My usecase is to ingest data from ServiceNow into Snowflake, with no tranformation. I’m creating simple pipeline with 2 snaps - ServiceNow Query and Snowflake BulkLoad The service now table has 2.5 M rows, it is taking about 7hrs to read this data fr...

Resolved! Failed to execute pipeline

Hi, I am getting error while running the child pipeline with larger files. There is no error with smaller files. I have a mapper at the starting of child pipeline. Below is the error:- Failed to execute pipeline Reason: Snapi request failed: {“respon...

Sahil by Contributor
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Formatting excel data

I have an Excel sheet with with below format: In this Excel, column 1,2 and 3 remains common, and the data which i am suppose to send is in below output csv format: Output: QWE;1234;567890;1111;20212021 (Row 1: Column 1,2 and 3 is common with fields...

Resolved! Jsonpath begins with

Below is my input, i am trying filter for id where type == file and name begins with “Send Email” expression i used in mapper jsonPath($, “entity.entries[?(@.type == ‘file’ && =~ /Send Email.*?/i)].id”) but i am getting error Please check exp...

npise by New Contributor II
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