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Performance with Triggered task

As part of our project requirement, we are using Triggered task and observed that performance is not as expected. So, can someone help to understand whether the trigger task has some latency in general to complete the transaction?

abinayad by New Contributor
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Writing files to on-premise servers

I am trying to write a file that gets created in a pipeline to one of our on-premise servers (i.e. sftp://ourschool:22/directory/filename.txt) and am getting the following error message: Unable to create filesystem object for sftp://ourschool:22/dire...

clarrivey by New Contributor
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Router with more that 2 conditions

Hello , I am creating a pipeline that should fetch the filetype from the expression libray file and based on the filetype it should write the file. But I noticed that though the condition written in the router is correct, it is routing to multiple p...

Gayathry by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Set Date to 1st of Current Month

I am trying to get the current date and convert it to the 1st of the current month of the current year. The resulting format should be dd/mm/yyyy SnapLogic doesn’t recognize this expression (even without the Date.parse): Date.parse(

NAl by Contributor
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