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Netsuite Account Setup

Hi all, How to get the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from NetSuite. we need to setup the Netsutie Rest API Account in snaplogic. Any one have idea,please help me on this. Thanks, Anil

anilv by New Contributor II
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Calling a pipeline/task from curl command

I have created a pipeline/task and called that using curl command and it is returning the document which is available in the last snap. I have added error pipeline to it. Called main pipeline/task using curl again. When there is no error it is ret...

erkonline by New Contributor
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Checking files for information

Hi all, Is there a way to check all the files in a directory for filename, file extension, file size? Then write a script Like If filesize > 0 then process it else Do nothing What snap can I use? Thanks

mtran21 by New Contributor III
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Remove CRLF from the text file

Hi, What should I add to this to remove CR and LF while generating a text file using File Writer . “Test/Hello_”+‘{“format”:“MMM”}’).toUpperCase()‘{“format”:“YYYY”}’)+“.txt”