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Resolved! Transforming into JSON Array

Hello All, I have a requirement where I have to merge two same keys within a JSON array to form a JSON array of themselves. The below provided examples will clear the requirement: Input JSON: [{ “header”: { “batch_id”: “PVTS_20200919_866184”, “compan...

How to determine if today is between 2 dates

A task I frequently need to do is determine if today is between 2 dates (without time). I’m wondering if anyone has found a more elegant way to do this? I’ve been converting the start and end dates from an oracle database, and the current date to st...

wpenfold by New Contributor III
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XML Formatter error

Hi Folks, i am getting below error in XML formatter. Failure: Failed to canonicalize XML., Reason: The reference to entity “D” must end with the ‘;’ delimiter., Resolution: Failed to read the XML document, please try again. Please help.

Resolved! JSONPath where key or value starts with @ character?

0 I am attempting get a value based on the key containing @ symbol fails using JSONPath. Cause: Since @ is the current object/element, json does not return the value. Sample 1: { “firstName”: “John”, “lastName” : “doe”, “phoneNumbers”: [ { “type” : “...

acesario by Contributor II
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Infor Visual 7

Hello, We are trying to integrate from Coupa (expenses that are OK to Pay) to the Infor Visual ERP. This is an old version of Visual (2011) and there are no APIs. Our approach is to go directly to the underlying SQL Server Database. Does anyone have ...

msager by Employee
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For important values storage

I have some important values that I dont want anybody including me can see as plain text and further I can use those values in any snap. So what is the recommendations to store those values?

munish by New Contributor
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