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Create JSON from CSV file

Hi, I am new to snaplogic and want to create a JSON structure from a CSV file. CSV file data “Name”,“AddressLine1” “Test1234”,“122 Test St” The structure i need is very specific like: [ { “attributes”: { “Name”: [ { “value”: “Test1234” } ], “Addresse...

Parin by New Contributor
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Read historical data in the first run

I have a pipeline that extracts data from Oracle table and write data to destination. Oracle select snap will read current day’s date based on a time field. When I am migrating this pipeline to PROD environment in the first run it should read entire ...

Resolved! Download all files from SFTP to a folder

Hi, I want to download all the files in a remote SFTP server to the Files folder. I think this is a pretty simple task but I am new, so I am not sure what to do. So I am thinking of using these 2 snaps but I have problem about the output file names....

mtran21 by New Contributor III
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Record Count in CSV

Is there an easier way to find the number of records in an incoming CSV? Want to log this information before processing the file. Appreciate the help but looking for a setting or simpler way to count the number.

rajendraj by New Contributor II
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