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Set up error pipeline

I have configured error pipeline but the error is not passing into input view. Need help to configure this. Thanks error pipe_2020_08_27.slp (2.2 KB) rest api_2020_08_27.slp (2.7 KB)

Replace "@" and "#" while converting XML to JSON

Hi All, I am converting XML file to JSON file using XML parser snap and JSON formatter. When I’m converting, prefix “@” is getting added to all the attributes. For example:- In XML → “ProviderPaxRef”: “String” In Converted JSON → “@ProviderPaxRef”: “...

ppankaj88 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Select column based on column availability

Hi, I am reading multiple json files from source. where column names and column type are varying from file to file. For example: In one file, column name is coming as an array and in another file it is coming without array. But for my use case I don’...

ppankaj88 by New Contributor
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Salesforce Query

Hi Good Day, I was designing an automation pipeline which brings down the manual effort . The pipeline is about to be completed but I encounter some difficulties while parsing the fileds in the SOQL snap . I get the two fields $Start_Date and $End_Da...

Harsha3 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! How to stop snap execution

I have a pipeline which along the way checks for a presence of a particular value. If there is no value it should exit without errors but not execute the the rest of the pipelines. How do I achive that? For example: MySQL Snap reads a value from some...

kokimura by New Contributor
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