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Resolved! Oracle thin account setup

I am getting below error while configuring Orcale thin account below screenshot has error and tnsnames.ora file. I have set up the Orcale db on my personal device. Please suggest how to fix the error

Snaplogic Loop

Hello fellow Snaplogicians, I am working on a pipeline that must read in 1 to many rows about a single entity, each one sequentially, and apply the results to a single document. Each row may not change the document, but represent a possible change. G...

Response of Child pipeline

I am using Pipeline Execute Snap to execute child pipeline. Return value from pipeline is visible to output of parent pipeline “Pipeline Execute” but response not send back to invoker of Tigger task.

srudrawal by New Contributor
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Aggregate Snap

Hi , I was trying to extract repetitive string from the source using aggregate snap by specifying count condition and filtering for the count>1 . I don’t get the desired output instead it fetches only unique elements . Can someone suggest any alterna...

Harsha3 by New Contributor III
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ServiceNow Snap

I am using the the ServiceNow Snap to request data from SNoW tables and I would like to pass SNoW, such as sysparm_limit, sysparm_exclude_reference_link, sysparm_display_value etc. However if I put the sysparms in the query field they do not work. D...

peter by New Contributor III
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