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REST Call to Process more results

I have a question the REST API to process more results. You can specify to process the next page of results, but I can find a way to keep appending the results from the previous call, so even if you process all the results, you only get the last page...

TimBurns by New Contributor III
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JSON formating String

I have a pipeline that uses the ServiceNow API Snap to retrieve data about ServiceNow Tasks. The Snap returns the data and I pass through a mapper. However the ServeirNow form that I am getting data from contains ServiceNow custom variables and thes...

peter by New Contributor III
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Unable to Connect AWS S3 Account

Hello All, I’m unable to connect the AWS S3 Account in spite of providing the correct tokens. Getting the below Error: Provided Permissions : actions = [ “s3:GetObject*”, “s3:PutObject*”, “s3:DeleteObject*”, “s3:List*”, “s3:GetBucketLocation”, ] Doe...

skodali by New Contributor III
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Traverse through an array

Hi, I have data in array format in two different streams , I want to check whether the array elements of the 1st stream are present in the 2nd stream or not. How should I do that? [“1001”,“1003”] [“1001”,“1002”,“1003”,“1004”] I have tried using ma...

shreegeet by New Contributor II
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