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Where Should Business Logic be Handled?

Hello, We are pretty new to SnapLogic, and are trying to develop guidelines for our developers. We received a best practices document from SnapLogic, and one of the items states to handle application/business logic within the source/target applicati...

wcl3y2 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Log4j2 customization

Hi, Is it possible to customize log4j2.xml to route the custom snap (specific package) to different log file on ground plex with different pattern? Looks like the log4j2-jcc.xml gets reset every time the jcc is restarted, not sure where it gets the o...

Converting Varchar data into Datetime

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to convert data I’m receiving from a varchar (20171211 125023) into a datetime (2017-12-11 12:50:23). I’ve been messing with the mapper but I feel like I’m at a road block now. I was wondering if someone in the community...

Matt by New Contributor
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Group and Sum in Expression Language

I am trying to group and sum an amount by two properties with the expression language with no luck. I tried using the reduce function, but it’s not working like it does in traditional javascript. Is there any way to get this to work? Here is my inp...

wcl3y2 by New Contributor III
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Redshift and SnapLogic

We are trying to stand up a new Redshift environment and want to be able to connect and run pipelines with SnapLogic. Corporate security rules require us to launch the Redshift cluster in a private subnet, no NAT or Internet Gateway, all access throu...

gg433 by New Contributor III
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