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Sharepoint Snaps

Hi Everyone,I need some help with the Sharepoint Snaps. If I use the "Get Sites" snap, I get a response from the server. However, for any of the other Sharepoint snaps (e.g. Read List, Get Item, Get Document Library, etc.) I only get the error: "Fail...

rcastroe by New Contributor
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Array manipulation

I can't figure out how to manipulate the input so that I can have the desired output. Attached is the scenario that I wanted to solve.Here's what I tried:- a Conditional snap (see attached) - in Mapper, $>x.extend({Value:$ram}...

marenas by Contributor
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Resolved! Lost contact with Snaplex node

I have a very small pipeline (3 snaps) that I’m reading from a SQL table and writing the results to a new table in the same DB. I keep getting an error: Lost contact with Snaplex node while the pipeline was running. The select statement is pulling ...

msalter by New Contributor II
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HTTP client

**Task :**We have n number of records in the below URL, we have to pull all the records. For each request there should be limit of 10 records for testing. How to use Pagination for this Task, Note: In my client URL there is no offset, start or limit....

rjapala by New Contributor III
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SQL Server - Bulk Load in Linux

Hi SMEs,Good day, hope all is well. Currently having some issue when running the bcp client in linux snaplex I was wondering on how can I pass the -u argument in the bcp client or any workaround or configuration that needs to be done in the snaplex?I...

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alchemiz by Contributor III
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