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Insert/Update using Join Snap

Hi, I am using Join Snap, to implement the logic of Insert new record and update existing one by doing join on target table. i defined left outer join to read all input records and in router i used condition on input1_column1, the condition is workin...

User Management

Hi Team, My requirement is to list the users and the permission they have on project spaces and projects. I’m unable to get the complete info using the Public APIs. Is there any other process available to get the list ? Or do we need to develop our o...

Resolved! How to convert linkedHashMap to list / json object

Hi Team, I have an input json in linkedHashMap in below format: [ { “Path”: “/OrgName/shared”, “subject_type”: [ “GROUP”, “GROUP”, “GROUP”, “USER” ], “subject”: [ “Operations”, “admins”, “Architects”, “” ], “perms”: [ [ “R”, “X”, “W” ], [ ...