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Snaplex Node Freezing with High Memory

One of our SL Nodes freezes on high memory and won’t start any new pipelines or accept any webhooks. The only way we’ve found to fix this is a manual reboot. Memory will be going between 70-85%, and CPU between 10-60%… everything will be working fine...

nsmith by New Contributor III
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Count of written Documents

Hello All, I’m trying to get the count of files written by the File Writer Snap and want to write the number into a mapper. If it’s possible can anyone suggest me how to achieve this? Thanks

skodali by New Contributor III
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Resolved! In-memory lookup workaround

Hello all, I faced with issue with in-memory lookup. According to snaplogic documentation, [] it does not supported structured JSON path like '$customer.address. It can...

ed_tc by New Contributor III
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Resolved! ZipFile Writer - Subdirectory Support

I would like to store a large number of files into a single compressed zip file and in order to help with organization I would like to group the files into nested subdirectories. I have paired a Document To Binary Snap with a ZipFile Writer Snap and ...

aanderson by New Contributor II
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File Poller on S3 Only Output on Change

In the documentation, the section “Only Output on Change” mentions that it runs if there is a change in the contents of the directory. Is this strictly the timestamp of the file(s) based on the pattern or are the contents of the file checked somehow ...

ronmwhite by New Contributor II
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Separate words in column name

Hello, Can you please help separating my column names using ‘_’ whenever there are capital letters in the column name. For example: Input Output In my research, I understood that findall() function can help iterating through all column names, using...

vsunilbabu by New Contributor II
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Snaplogic: Integration with Selenium

Community, I need to access a file from a SFTP application that doesn’t allow read access to the Directory Browser snap. (This is by design) Vendor is Amex (less than helpful is the polite way to say it) The URL to the file also changes per run. So ...

jhagist by New Contributor III
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