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Snaplogic Limitiataion

Hi All, When I am using the Snaplogic Netsuite Snaps facing below issue: The Snaplex nodes have reached their resource limits and have no more room to execute pipelines. Please try again later or stop some executing pipelines to free up resources. (D...

Kullay by New Contributor III
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Check If Data Is Missing

I’m getting data out of a REST call and I need to check whether or not a certain entry is present or missing. My list of needed entries consists of, example: String1, String2, String3, String4. If only the the first three are present, how do I print ...

alstef by New Contributor
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File Writer Output to GroundPlex

I am suddenly unable to write a file on my groundplex; has anyone see this before? Just a straight write, e.g., “file:///Users/rwhite/Development/test.json”. Oddly, I can read that exact file and location. The error I get follows as well some groundp...

ronmwhite by New Contributor II
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Oracle execute with setting session variables

I would like to set date format and timestamp format for the session and run the select statement in oracle execute snap like this Begin execute immediate ‘alter session set nls_date_format=’‘MM/DD/YYYY’‘’; execute immediate ‘alter session set nls_ti...

GV2019 by New Contributor II
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Oracle dimension tables to Azure ADLS

We’re starting a project to move dozens of Oracle warehouse dimension tables to ADLS, and are using parent/child pipelines to pass table names. The pipelines correctly pass and resolve the table name to operate on. The child pipeline uses Oracle E...

Resolved! Oracle Table Partition Name as parameter

I have a child pipeline called from Pipeline Execute which is passing partition name as pipeline parameter to Oracle-Execute snap Oracle-Execute has a sql => “select * from obia1.sales_invoice_lines partition (” + _partName + “) where rownum < 11” th...

GV2019 by New Contributor II
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Object mapping

I have a situation in which for one object I can have more than one node which has the same name. However, each node may be different by additional attributes "IsUpdated, “IsAdded”. It is also possible that the node doesn’t have any attentional attri...