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Array to FlatFile

I have the following json: [ { “name”: [ “John”, “Rick”, “Martha” ], “city”: [ “New york”, “Washington”, “Delhi” ], “gender”: [ “Male”, “Male”, “Female” ] } ] Need to write this into csv but csv formatter needs the data to be flattened. How can i do ...

Alert Message

All, I am following this link to create an Alert. But I cannot find the Alerts/Activity Log Notifications and proceed further. However I see Activit...

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Resolved! Problem with grouping objects

I have tree xml files. Each of the files contains the same section “Workers” and another section which doesn’t have to be in another file. I would like to group it after common section and get situation in which specific Employee contain such tags wh...

Passing dynamic value to pipeline

Hi Team, I have design a pipeline, and the pipeline has the same functionality as my other 3 pipelines. only difference is the source and target path from where my pipeline needs to read and write data is different. can the source and target path va...

Mapping requirement

I have the following :- [{ “key”:[ “name”, “organization”, “city”, “state” ], “value”:[ “abc”, “xyz”, “pune”, “maharashtra” ]}, { “key”:[ “name”, “organization”, “city”, “state” ], “value”:[ “cde”, “pqr”, “mumbai”, “maharashtra” ]}, { “key”:[ “name” ...

Problem with XLM Generator snap

I have a problem with generating xml file using XML Gnerator. I have a json and use Mapper snap together with XML Generator to create xml file. My mapper looks like this: So I mapped array to array. The results of mapper looks ok, but I receive emp...