Designing and Running Pipelines
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Trigger Task Option

In the Trigger Task; there is an Option Do not start a new execution if one is already active In the Documentation this option Do not start a new execution if one is already active allows you prevent a Pipeline from running again if a previous execut...

Snaplogic to Slack integration

Hello Folks, I am planning to send logs of services which is running on server eg- Oracle database to slack for notifying users. Lets say if the service goes down on server process will check it on server and sends notification on slack group. Not su...

virender by New Contributor
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Snaplogic Netsuite - Search snap

Hi Everyone, I’m trying to obtain the data from already existing Netsuite saved search that contains only Currency Revaluation type of transaction. Sadly when I run the pipeline I got zero results while on NS side I’ve got dozens (I narrow the result...

Jarek by New Contributor
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NetSuite Integration

Can you help us figuring out in configuring the Custom fields related to same object and different objects of Netsuite through snaplogic. Is there a way for us to add the custom fields to the existing object from different objects or can we configure...