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Creating CSV file with Header in first column

Hi SnapLogic experts,i have question, if described example could be done via snaplogic. Output should be .csv file with structure:Column1Column2Column3Column4Column1Values,Column2Values,Column3Values,Column4Values"Headers" should be in first column o...

SL12345 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Different Date standardization into a format

I have three different ways date column records can be made available in my excel input file for processing namely  YYYYMMDD, YYYY-MM-DD ,  and MM/DD/YYYYY. This means for any input excel file record, the date column can have one of these three forma...

omiaye by New Contributor II
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SAP IDoc Read Snap

I am having to read IDOC from SAP system that has over 10 segments. I see SAP Read snap can read idocs given idoc number but it returns all the segments at once. I have requirement to do transformation on individual segments and the segments also hav...

Endeavour by New Contributor
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Status codes in MySQL - Execute snap

Hello Team, Need your help in understanding the meaning of different status codes received in the MySQL - Execute snap’s output. We had a scenario where we were trying to insert multiple records into MySQL DB and we have noticed a strange response re...

Resolved! Copy records for particular ID

Hi everyone Need some suggestion for below implementation. This is the file which I have to process.I want to copy all the same records for each Id which is mentioned in header ( spring_scale_score , fall_scale_score , winter_scale_score) Like this ...

mjain by New Contributor
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Resolved! Filtering using JsonPath syntax

Hello everyone.  I have this json object"wd:Academic_Period": {        "@wd:Descriptor": "Summer 2021 (05/24/2021-08/07/2021)",        "wd:ID": [               {                   "@wd:type": "WID",                    "$": "d75e5035f5431001cbdce27c57...