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Recursive directory browsing

I am trying to implement following linux command and moving those files in each directory to s3. Could anyone help me with this? find . -mmin +60 -type f -not -path ‘*/.*’ I have tried pipeline as below but it doesn’t seem recursively browsing direct...

XSD having Reference to another XSD

Hi All. I am facing an issue with XML Parser(Validdation Against XSD) as My XSD have some Include Statements which again refer some XSD’s. I have changed path and Uplaoded all in SLDB still getting Errors. Any one face same kind of issue. Please help...

Triggered Task using cURL

Hello, I am calling a Triggered Task (which does a ETL process) using a cURL command from a Shell script. Based on the output from the shell script, I would trigger the next process or exit with failure. I am using the following in the shell script. ...

Resolved! Load a zip file from a download url link

Hello, Is it possible to extract data from the download link - NaPTAN and NPTG - NaPTAN - DfT A file reader snap or a zip file reader only recognises this as a file as an file - Naptan.ashx, however clicking on the link downloads a zipped fil...

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